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Article: Transcend Together : JF x SSkein Photoshoot Collaboration

Transcend Together : JF x SSkein Photoshoot Collaboration

Transcend Together : JF x SSkein Photoshoot Collaboration

Transcend Together as we encourage you to take seasonal pieces and discover alternative ways to wear them by introducing the art of layering.

Ever feel stuck in between seasons and have no idea what to wear? It's that weird time either too cold for a dress or too warm for your favorite cardigan. The temperature changes from high-to-low in a matter of hours. All sorts of climate situations that can be frustrating when getting dress. Then we tend forget the item and it gets stored away until we rediscover it the following year.

We may feel less inclined these days to wear anything else than our lounge wear. But we've all been there. And we're here to inspire you to extend the pieces you covet to seasons and beyond.


About The Collections

Sskein's focus has been and will be fall and winter seasons. The first clothing capsule collection includes four essential pieces to start the journey of wardrobe building. The core yarn is baby alpaca with exceptions of other natural fibers to help construct a better garment. Each piece is designed to its highest quality with versatility and sustainability efforts in mind. 

Juliette Fabbri, the dresses in voluminous form are constructed in high quality with attention to detail and finishing. Each made-to-order piece is made using luxurious versatile fabrics allow for easy styling. Her expertise in color, shape and the understanding of a women's body displays in her collection. 






 A Collaboration in the Making

Juliette Fabbri and I met briefly on our previous jobs at Nordstrom. We lost touch but was quickly reunited on a virtual meeting back in December 2020.  We were curious to explore how we can join forces to create something beautiful. 

Given both of our brands are in seasonal categories, Juliette's dress creations suitable for the warmer seasons and Sskein's more appropriate for cold weather. We found that our small but mighty collection, complimented well and the idea to showcase each others work "Transcend Together" was created. 

For this collaboration, we wanted to include our favorite local women creatives that are building their independent businesses with purpose and intention. Women who have a voice and willing to advocate for other female entrepreneurs. 


Cortney Bigelow of The Grey Edit Photo, fashion blogger turned self taught lifestyle photographer. With a year of staying behind the lens, she is ready to take her business to the next step in exploring fashion photography. 

Tiffany Kelterer is an undiscovered talent and definitely have a sharp eye for precision, light, symmetry and angles. She is in her element as it shows from her creations on how she is able to capture  the essence of beauty.


Kim Seidensticker a full-time blogger and dog-mama.  Kat Shearer a nurse by day and fashion blogger by night and the better driver between them two. Both  identical sisters are locally from Seattle. As much as we love them photographed together, they thrived as individuals. She and her sister Kim created a lifestyle blog Kat & Kim together to promote sustainable living, clean beauty and plant based eating. Basically living a healthier and greener life, and we all have so much to learn from their inspiring blog.

A heartfelt appreciation for this experimental project with an amazing team of strong and creative women...taking time out of our busy schedule to work on this collaboration in hopes to lift and #transcendtogether. Thank you!

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Everything about this post… :) thanks for including me in the magic! Such a wonderful day of women putting their creative minds together. You and Juliette are such an inspiration!

Cortney Bigelow

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