Our Values on Sustainability

Sustainability should be inherent in all design processes and business practices when possible.  SSKEIN is consistently looking at how we can lessen the impact our clothing has on the environment through the use of sustainably sourced materials, limited run production and carbon neutral shipping options where available. 



Our capsule collections focuses using high quality baby alpaca sourced from sustainable vendors using certified ethical shearing processes and other natural materials as the primary fibers in all of our products.  

Knitwear production is inherently sustainable, as each piece is fully fashioned and knitted to shape. There is little to no excess scrap materials ending up in landfill. 


Presale Business Model:

It makes sense for us to produce the volume of garments meant to be sold. Therefore, we primarily adopted a presale model by allowing our customers to purchase early to have a calculated projection so none of it goes to waste.

High Quality Construction:

Producing better quality garments will extend the life of the product, causing few items to end up in landfills over time...  SSKEIN also looks at how to improve design processes to shorten development times and limit sampling requirements, resulting in the perfect garment.

Carbon Neutral Shipping Partners:

We use Sendle, a carbon neutral shipping service for standard delivery within the United States as our preferred vendor.



Our branded boxes, sticker and tissue paper are made with 100% recycled content. All recyclable, compostable and naturally biodegradable, manufactured and printed in the USA by Ecoenclose.


Stay tuned as we continue to add more to our roster!