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Article: Comfycore - An Aesthetic Trend At Any Age

Comfycore - An Aesthetic Trend At Any Age

Comfycore - An Aesthetic Trend At Any Age

The winter months can be cold, long and dreary. To help keep you warm and looking effortless, we are sharing this season's popular trend Comfycore

"an aesthetic that relates to the feeling of being comfortably at rest with your surroundings, neatly fit in your place, relieved and well-suited."

No, we're not going back to the Covid days, wearing only stretchy leggings and and baggy sweatshirts. We're talking about the art of feeling comfortable in your clothing and in your own skin while looking chic. Surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good. 

We styled four women between the ages of 30s-60s to show how to address the Comfycore trend by taking cozy knitwear pieces and styling them with their closets staples. They were able to rediscover their unique personal sense of style all over again.

CORTNEY - Age 37

A photographer and fashion blogger by trade; a mama and wife at heart. As a woman in her thirties and an advocate of “elevated basics”, she defines her wardrobe of high-quality timeless essentials and discovers many ways to (re)style them.

Cortney wears a Shawl Neck Long Baby Alpaca Cardigan over the T-neck bodysuit, both in Oatmeal Heather. Make this look edgy by styling it with Leather Trousers and Zipped Booties. This outfit is perfect for a night on the town with friends, keeping cozy and comfy while still making a statement. 

Cortney has on a T-neck Pullover in Ultra Fine Alpaca Silk in the color Fawn with  Black Wide Leg Trousers, along with a Long Belted Trench. The Black Cool Shades and a Leather Belt Bag add major cool factor to this elevated look.  

JEN - Age 45

A mom of three working in the corporate world, Jen leads a busy life. As a woman in her forties, she expresses the importance of being comfortable, while feeling confident in her femme boho-chic outfits. She's the perfect example of Comfycore.

Jen has on a Shawl Neck Long Baby Alpaca Cardigan in Vicuna over a Navy Printed Blouse tucked into a pair of and Flare Leg Ripped Jeans. Casually-chic and understated, but still look put together for those PTA or zoom meetings. 

DAWN - Age 52

Dawn a mom to young adult kids and a fashion blogger, encourages women to feel "good" in their own skin. She pushes the boundaries in fashion by defining her style as “classic with an edge”. 

A jumpsuit can be daunting to put on (or take off), but think of it as a stylish grown-up onesie you can lounge around the house in. Dawn has on a Black Wrap Neck Jumpsuit by contrasting it with White Slip-On Leather Loafers, a perfect comfy and casual look. Trade the shoes with a pair of Black Leather Pumps, and you're ready for a night on the town.

Make it monotone with a head-to-toe grey outfit with a Grey Wrap Neck Jumpsuit and Grey Quilted Zip Jacket. Keep it Comfycore with a pair of Black Leather Lug Boots you can feel good walking all day in.

LISA - Age 60

A fashion writer, mother, wife, and small business owner, Lisa isn’t afraid to step out of the box when it comes to her style. She hopes to inspire other women to do the same.

By turning sixty this year, she acknowledges that her age shouldn't limit her creativity with her outfits, by mixing luxury and contemporary pieces.

Here Lisa is embracing her inner Carrey Bradshaw, by styling a Crew Neck Cable Baby Alpaca Boxy Pullover in Ivory with a Pink Long Tulle Ruffle Skirt. Pairing this outfit with a Pink Sheered Scarf, and Tan Suede Boots, creates a soft flirty feminine look. 

Lisa shows easily how to create an entirely new look by restyling Crew Neck Cable Baby Alpaca Boxy Pullover with a pair of Slim Blue Jeans and Lace Up High-Tops. A casual chic outfit for every day!

Will you give the Comfycore trend a try? Drop your comments below and share your story!

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