Santa Sskein Sleighing The Town

Santa Sskein Sleighing The Town


happy new year!


Hope you had a quiet and well rested holiday!

Over at sskein headquarters, there was definitely no slowing down. We received our final clothing production for the season from the October presale. Our small team managed to fulfill over 100+ orders to our patient customers. 

Santa Sskein (aka me) and her flying alpacas even paid a visit to Seattle customers by hand delivering all the packages in time for Christmas. Overall, they were very happy with their purchase and love the quality. 

A behind the scenes look, as I hand delivered packages to our Seattle customers. Witnessing the joy of receiving a piece from our collection meant the world to me. I loved meeting ALL of you. 

Thank you!



Elisa Yip

Founder + Creative Director


Photography by ettafoto

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Cortney's Sskein Sweater Edit

Cortney's Sskein Sweater Edit

three alpacas for sskein blog

Why I chose alpaca as our primary fiber?


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